Pastor of Worship Arts- Janine Wall

Family: I am the oldest of 2 children- my parents still live in Chilliwack and my brother is planning on going into ministry when he finishes college. I tend to find family wherever I go; the community I surround myself with {friends, roommates, co-workers} often are as much family to me as the one I grew up with. 

When did you come to GMB and why? I had been waiting for a whisper from God as to a direction to go in when an email came across my desktop about the opening here at GMB. I took some time to pray about it, but I knew almost immediately that this was the whisper I had been waiting for. God brought me to this place, and this position, and I am excited to see where and how He leads me in the future.

Education & Experience: I have my BA in Music from Briercrest College and Seminary, and have served and led on multiple worship teams for the past 8 years. When I graduated from college, I accepted a position of Intern of Worship Ministries at North Langley Community Church, and God really affirmed in me the calling to ministry he has placed on my life. 

Favourite Beverage: I really enjoy americanos (with whipped cream if available), or some delicious sparkling water.