Sermon Downloads

Greendale MB's messages from the past two months (approx.) are available for download online in mp3 format. Select a file below to listen.  Recording not available for March 4, 2018.

Joseph And A Godly Legacy - May 20 2018
Pastor Jim shares from Genesis 50 in our series "Beginnings".
Note: Recording cuts off before the end of the final prayer.
Download (16055KB)
Joseph and Godly Itegrity - May 13, 2018
Pastor Jim speaks from Gen. 45 in our series through Genesis - Beginnings.
Download (15498KB)
Joseph & the Sovereignty of God pt.2 - May 6 2018
Pastor Jim Penner shares a message from Gen. 37 in our series through the book of Genesis.
Download (16539KB)
Twas Blind but Now I See - Apr 29 2018
Morgan Graham speaks on John 9 in the final message of his pastoral internship at GMB.
Download (13258KB)
Pornography - a Christian Response - Apr 22, 2018
Dr. Rob Rhea from Trinity Western University discusses the influence and effects of pornography in our current culture, and shares how we can respond and be proactive in our families and other circles from a Biblical worldview. The Question and Answer time following the talk can be found in the recording below.
Download (19870KB)
Christian Response to Pornography - Q&A Apr 22/18
Dr. Rob Rhea answers congregants' questions after his talk about pornography, it's effects, and how Christians can respond.
Download (6298KB)
Joseph & The Sovereignty of God - Apr 15 2018
Pastor Jim Penner shares a message from Genesis 37 in our series Beginnings.
Download (15326KB)
The Process of Change - Apr 8 2018
Guest speakers Jim and Sharon Gaetz share about how God desires and produces change in our lives.
Download (13637KB)
Easter Sunday- April 1 2018
The Cross: Where the Wrath or God Meets the Grace of God. Message from Romans 3:23-36 on Easter Sunday, Apr. 1, 2018 with Pastor Jim Penner speaking.
Download (13725KB)
The Lord and Reconciliation - Mar 25 2018
Pastoral Intern Morgan Graham shares from Genesis 33 in our series through Genesis: Beginnings.
Download (8562KB)
God Wrestles with Jacob - Mar 18 2018
Pastor Jim Penner shares a message from Genesis 32 in our series Beginnings.
Download (13684KB)
Jacob's Dream, God's Promise - Mar. 11 2018
Message based on Genesis 28 from our series "Beginnings". Pastor Alex Dixon speaking.
Download (15722KB)