Youth Pastor - Alex Dixon

Family: I met my awesome wife Karly at a Capernwray bible school in Colorado in 2005. At the end of the school year I promptly got on a plane and followed her to BC, saying goodbye to my Mom, Dad, 3 brothers, and sister in South Carolina. Two years after being in BC I married Karly in 2008. Karly and I love to go fishing and duck hunting together, as well as playing slow pitch and hanging out with family.

When did you come to Greendale MB and why?: I came to Greendale MB in August 2011. I was just finishing up an internship at a church in Abbotsford and Ron Friesen had told me about an opening for youth pastor at GMB. He said that it would be a great fit for the church and for me. Ron Friesen in all his wisdom was spot on. GMB has been an incredible place to be at. The community here is so welcoming and full of the love of Christ. 

Education/Experience: I graduated from Columbia Bible College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Work and a two-year diploma in Intercultural Studies. During my time at CBC I ran the youth program at The Life Centre in Abbotsford for a year and half. Upon my graduation from CBC I spent the next year at Northview Community Church as an intern in their Church leadership development program.

What excites you about your ministry?: What excites me most about my ministry is seeing God's Holy Spirit transform the lives of students into mature followers of Christ. Watching students grown in their relationship with Christ and the body of Christ is the best part about working with students. 

Favourite Beverage: I have two favorite beverages, one hot and one cold. I really enjoy the taste of an ice cold Dr. Pepper (or if at Taco Bell in the states, Mountain Dew Baja Blast!). If I’m not drinking Dr. Pepper I am filling myself with delicious hot coffee, preferably a dark bold roast with NO cream or sugar, just black.