Ministry to Children

Today the eighteen of us split into three groups and divided to three locations. Alex, Reg, Jasmine, Tyler, RJ, Julie, Noah and Madi headed to Monkey Mountain church. We were greeted with many monkeys and children. The children gathered under a small open hut where we shared the story of Zacheus, played a good ol’ game of duck duck goose and conducted a craft. It was so heartwarming to see the children as they watched their polaroid develop in their hands and a smile develop on their face. The children made a frame for the photo, decorated it and learnt to write, “Jesus Loves Me” in English. Ashley, Tyus and Janine went with Moto to a local community center to help out with day camp. They lead a song in English and were able to assist the kids and the English teacher there. Tiffany, Dana, Sadie, Josh, Lauren and Greg returned to The Life Center Church to continue work. We were able to complete painting the new nursery, its bathroom and the exterior walls. This nursery will be used as a daily drop off center to reach out into the community and help the church become more self-sufficient. Later this week we hope to return and paint the new prayer room and nursery mural. We are also hoping to lay down fresh flooring over the rough concrete in the nursery. Our afternoon was spent playing with the orphans at Abundant Life Home. A big game of soccer, basketball, and general play was enjoyed in the baking Thai heat. This was a very enjoyable time of relationship building with the kids and learning thai words. Ox, one of the many social boys, spent 20 minutes teaching us a popular line- “Ying yang yow, blacha blow ying choop”. We still have no idea what it translates… but it sure is fun to say! In the evening we attended Sila Church where we were encouraged in meeting Arm, whom last week was healed from 3 tumors! We enjoyed worshiping with the Thai people, dancing, and listening to Reg challenge the listeners to honor our fathers and mothers by most importantly honoring and obeying God. Sunday School occurred upstairs during Reg’s speaking. Approximately 10 children heard the Zacheus story, completed a polaroid craft and played games – as led by our youth. Thai children are quite rambunctious. It is a delicate chore to keep the children attentive and yet not want to be rude in our lack of language and communication skills. Dinner was served after church as all congregants ate Pad Thai together. We spent the remainder of the evening walking through the extremely crowded night market. Not one of us attempted the crickets, cockroaches, grubs and assorted insects! Shameful, wussy Canadians. Tiffany fully accepts this title when it comes to any food besides plain white rice. It was not long until we noticed vendors madly packing up their stalls. Minutes later the rain hit and we were fortunate to find shelter in a nearby 7-11. Here we stocked up on our chocolate needs and watched the incredible flashes of lightning that lit the entire sky. We thank you for your prayers and we ask for your continued prayers. • Janine is suffering from long, frequent nosebleeds due to the malaria medication. • Various people are struggling stomach wise. • Organizing locations and work for 18 people is quite a task, particularly when requests change so frequently. Reg is in charge of this task. • Heat and humidity has a substantial impact upon us – we need to appropriately stay hydrated. • Us as VBS leaders to effectively control the youthful energy with respect and patience in a way that allows God’s word to be taught.