Sunday - a day of rest?

In the morning, a portion of us attended the Monkey Mountain Church. This small location hosts about 14 people –we did not want to overwhelm the location with all 18 of us. Alex shared from Galatians 5 about walking in the strength and power of Jesus. The afternoon was spent on Bang Sean Beach with the orphans from ALH. Each child grabbed one of our hands and we made our way to ocean. Who would have known such warm, salty, brown water could bring so much joy. Beach soccer, breakdancing (Alex) and general beach play in the HOT sun easily occupied the 2 hours. Needless to say while Greg and Reg chilled on the beach chairs in the shade, the youth and young adults burned themselves to varying degrees. Back at ALH, it was naptime for the Canadians. The room was filled with 2 fans and hot bodies laying on the somewhat cool concrete floor. We attended church at The Life Center church in the late afternoon. Madi shared her testimony with the church. Josh and Sadie led Sunday School with 5 of the Thai children. Reg shared with the congregation from Ephesians and afterwards cashew chicken was enjoyed by all. We could all tell Lauren definitely enjoyed her spicy coconut soup more than anyone else! She sure wasn’t afraid to declare this to the entire room ☺ Monday morning the group traveled to Tiger zoo, where we were fortunate to watch a crocodile show, a tiger show and an elephant show. Many of us took the opportunity to ride an elephant and take photos with baby tigers. Later, our team split into three groups for VBS for 3 different locations: Monkey Mountain, Chok di, and Samsook school. Each group will lead VBS at their location Monday through Wednesday. There are between 16 and 26 children at each location. It is exciting to finally do the VBS lessons and crafts that we developed with months of preparation before leaving Chilliwack. As this is written, it is Tuesday morning. Many members of the group are hitting the wall of fatigue. Pray for our energy levels to finish strong. Attitudes are great, it seems to be more of an energy issue. Minor health issues continue, but thankfully nothing too severe. Some stomach issues and headaches. Thank you for your prayers! We are excited for our last few days that we are here.