Sermon Downloads

Missed a message or want to listen again? GMB's eight most recent message recordings are available for download online in mp3 format. Select a file below to listen. (If you would like access to specific recordings from more than two months ago, please contact the church office.) Please note that the recording from Sept. 1 2019 is not available.

Mark 4:1-20
Guest speaker Reg Toews with Multiply continued in our series on Mark.
Download (29093KB)
Mark 3:20-35
Our youth pastor Jonathan continues the Mark series speaking on Mark 3:20-35
Download (28882KB)
Mark 2:13-28
Alex continuing the Mark series in the second half of Chapter 2
Download (28577KB)
Mark 2:1-12
Alex continuing the Mark series, speaking on Mark 2:1-12
Download (28562KB)
Mark 1:40
Alex continues the Mark series speaking on Jesus healing the man with leprosy.
Download (28255KB)
Mark 1:21-28 - Jesus Brings Order into Chaos
Pastor Alex speaking on Mark 1:21-28
Download (17117KB)
Mark pt. 2
Alex continues our series through Mark.
Download (27146KB)
Mark 1:1-13
Alex kicks off the Mark series.
Download (29592KB)
Kick Off
Alex introducing our new Mark series for our September Kick Off
Download (27657KB)
Psalm 20
Our Youth Pastor Jonathan Tetzel speaking on the importance of prayer.
Download (25995KB)