A COVID-19 Response

Dear Church family,


As many of you know there has been lots of media coverage and a sense of escalating concern around Covid-19 (Corona Virus).


As Christians, we have nothing to fear in regards to how things will play out. Jesus is the King overall and has all authority over heaven and earth. He is not aloof to what is happening in the world and is with his people always. We know earth is not our true home but we are citizens of heaven where our true hope is, and full restoration of our bodies awaits us.


Until that time though, we live on earth as representatives and ambassadors for the kingdom of God, inviting as many people as we can to come and taste and see the Lord is good, that he is worth it all, and that there is more than what we see and feel. How we respond to our world demonstrates who we are as followers of Jesus. Let us take heart and trust in the Lord and not give in to fear or panic but be found loving our neighbors, filled with the Spirit, and offering hope that the world can never give.


When it comes to things like Covid-19 there is no need for fear or anxiety but the Lord does call us clearly to two things – Wisdom and Trust.


We have been given our lives to steward over as a gift from God. God cares how we treat our bodies and how we take care of them. So as a church we should display that care for ourselves and others as we want to use wisdom when it comes to things like flu season. Here are a few measures to exercise wisdom in the current season when gathering together.


We ask everyone who attends Greendale MB to be mindful of their own health. Here are some simple yet effective ways to promote your health and protect others:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly often, and avoid touching your face.
  • Use hand sanitizer when you arrive and when you leave Greendale (Dispensers are found in the foyer and downstairs entry)
  • Refrain from shaking hands when onsite at Greendale.
  • Please stay home if you are feeling any symptoms of illness or have been travelling recently.
    – Services are streamed live every Sunday here -> GMB's Youtube channel


If you need to stay home because of illness please let us know so we can pray for you and encourage you.


Let us press on in hope and trust in our Lord, let us be governed by faith and not fear, and let us use the lives that God has given us to glorify Him and do good to others.