Suspending Services - COVID-19 update

Dear Church family, 

In the past day or so there has been a recommended ban on gatherings of 250 and up to help eliminate the spread of Covid-19. As we are around that number on Sunday gatherings, for now we think that it is the best course of action to temporarily postpone our Sunday morning gatherings. We hope to be live streaming the messages starting this Sunday (March 15) or next, and will continue if this seems to be longer term than just the current Sunday.

We have made this decision to promote the health and well-being of those in our community, especially the most vulnerable. All throughout scripture the people of God are commanded to love their neighbours; this means that often we have to put down our preferences for the sake of others, and serve the most vulnerable. By postponing our services this is one way we can tangibly love our neighbours. 

Let us live out the call to love God and neighbour by offering hope in the gospel. People are scared and concerned but this a chance for us to hold fast to the hope we profess and offer to others that same hope. Let us pray for the sick and serve sacrificially those around us in any way we can. 

This Sunday we are inviting everyone to still take sometime at 10:30 to pray and worship the Lord through reading scripture, singing, and prayer. 

We love you all deeply in Christ, 

Pastor Alex on behalf of the GMB Church Board