Membership Milestones 2016

Membership Milestones 2016


Ted Driediger grew up in the Atchelitz area and has been a part of our church his entire life. His parents, Jake and Gertrude Driediger, became members of our church in 1946 after moving here from Oak Lake, Manitoba.

Ted, along with Katie Epp and Caroline Reimer, was baptized on August 7, 1966. They were the first ones to be baptized in baptismal tank that we are currently using. Two years later, he was commissioned by the church to paint the Mt. Cheam backdrop for the tank which is also still being used.

While attending Bible school in Clearbrook in the late 60’s, he got to know Delores and they were married in 1970. They set off to Nelson, BC, where Ted attended art school. After art school, they made a home in Yarrow where Ted began his pottery studio.

Ted was often called upon to create backdrops for Sunday School Christmas programs and other events at the church. Besides running his own business and being involved with his sons baseball and other sports activities, he sang in the Senior Choir, served on the Nominating Committee, and was chairperson of the committee.


Tina Dueck first came to our church in 1942 when her parents moved here from Gilroy, Saskatchewan, first settling on Boundary Road just west of the Vedder Canal.

She was baptized on July 28, 1946, together with fifteen others, including Peter Harder, in a creek just north of the Greendale Elementary School.

During these years she met William Dueck and they were married in 1948. Six children followed and there was a farm to be run. Tina cared for her six children and over the years for at least sixteen hundred calves besides everything else. She still had the energy to sing in the Senior Choir for many years.

Her husband, Bill, passed away unexpectedly in 1985 and her son, Gil, took over the farm. Tina continued to help on the farm until not that long ago.

Five generations of her family and six generations of the Dueck family have been and still are represented in our church, Bill’s grandparents, all four of Tina and Bill’s parents, Tina herself, her children Gil and Lorraine, her grandchildren Tanya and Larissa, and six great-grandchildren.


As a young teenager, Katie Epp came from Paraguay to Canada with her parents in 1959 and grew up in Vancouver.

Katie visited our church one Sunday in 1965 along with a friend who lived near the Epp family’s farm on Adams Road. Ed took notice of her and invited them to go fishing with him. One thing led to another and Ed and Katie were married on February 5, 1966, joining Ed on the farm.

A few months later, on August 7, she was baptized along with Ted Driediger and Caroline Reimer.

Over the years, farm life and two children kept her busy, but she still was willing and able to work in Sunday School, Pioneer Girls, VBS, and sing in the Senior Choir.


Peter Harder was a toddler when his parents, Jacob and Katie Harder, moved to their homestead on South Sumas Road in 1930, having emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1929. To attend church, they walked to Yarrow, crossing the railway bridge south of Hopedale Road. Our church, then called the Sardis MB Church, had its organizational meeting on Sunday, January 11, 1931, with Peter’s father being present.

Peter grew up in the church and attended Greendale Elementary and graduated from Sharon Collegiate in Yarrow. He was baptized at the same time as Tina Dueck on July 28, 1946.

Soon after, he began driving bus for Atkins Stage Lines in Chilliwack. He got to know Katherine and they were married on August 15, 1953 with Katherine’s four year old nephew, Ted Driediger, as ring bearer.

In the 1950’s Peter was a member of and also the chairperson of the Christian Endeavor Committee, a group that planned monthly Sunday evening programs which gave members of the youth opportunities to show and develop their talents in music and speaking. He has served as a Sunday School teacher over a period of 60 years, has been on the church board secretary for many years, and is currently a member of the Constitution Committee and has been chairperson also for many years.  He and Katie have also served as deacons.

Six generations of the Harder family have been and still are in our church, Peter’s grandmother, Peter’s parents, Peter, until recently his son David with Marianne Harder, and presently his grandchild Rachel with her two children.


Gertie Ratzlaff was baptized on August 5, 1956, along with 15 other young people, in the former army bridging area which is now the Heron Reserve. Her parents came to Greendale in 1935 from Humboldt, Saskatchewan and settled on Lickman Road. Gertie was born soon after.

Gertie, along with her sisters and many others, sang in the Greendale Girls Choir in the 1950’s.

She met Phil while attending high school at MEI in Abbotsford and they were married here in 1959. Their three children were born and raised here while they lived on Sumas Prairie Road just north of our church.

While raising her children she found time to serve in Sunday School, Pioneer Girls, VBS, and sing in the Senior Choir. She and Phil also willingly served as Deacons for many years.


Verna Reimer came to our church after her marriage to Rusty in 1965 and was accepted into membership in 1966. She and Rusty met while attending Bethany Bible Institute. She was baptized in 1956 in a creek near the Main Center MB Church in Main Center, Saskatchewan.

She and Rusty moved into a small house on Reid Road where they lived for a few years and she was immediately put to work playing piano and organ in our church for various singing groups, the congregation, and for the choir. This has been her most enduring and endearing ministry and it continues to this day. Over the years she has assisted in the youth ministry, worked in Sunday School with young moms and as the superintendent of the pre-primary department, and helped with DVBS. She has the distinction of being our first female Elder and is currently serving in the Deacons Ministry.

Perhaps her most difficult task has been getting Rusty to say no occasionally, all the while caring for her children and grandchildren.