Service and ministry restart

Due to current provincial health orders we are not having on-site services at this time. Please join us online as we livestream services at 10:30 am (PST) Sundays. Search for Greendale MB Church on YouTube.


When provincial pandemic health recommendations once again allow more interaction, we will resume in-person services on Sunday mornings.

- Gathering sizes will be limited to groups of 50 or less or as public health recommendations are mandated.

- There will be 2 service times, 9am and 10:30am.

- People who are planning to attend will need to sign up in advance and will be asked to adhere to current guidelines such as social distancing/no touching and wearing masks for singing indoors and while entering and exiting the building.

- You can read our gathering protocol document below or access the download version hereTo gather in a way that promotes loving one another and to keep the health of people in mind, the GMB Church Board has approved protocols dealing with attendance, facility preparation, and procedures for how things will work during Sunday mornings or for other ministry gatherings at the church facilities as provincial health recommendations allow.

Service Sign-ups

Part of the process of restarting Sunday morning services includes the need to create a database of people who will be in attendance in order to adhere to number limits and help keep track of attendance in case of an outbreak.

You will need to SIGN UP FOR EACH SERVICE you wish to attend.

In order to facilitate sign-ups, we’ve prepared a NEW digital form for participants to fill out, which will be accessible through a link that will go live on the Monday before that weekend's services. 

- Attendance numbers may be limited, so if room runs out for you to sign-up for a service on a particular Sunday, we encourage you to watch the livestream service from home that week. 


Children’s Ministries (10:30 am service only) will resume when provincial recommendations allow. Our Children's Ministry leader Cherith will be in contact with families to sign up teachers.  Other families who have not connected with her will be asked to ensure that any children that attend on an allotted Sunday will register for the main service with their family if space is not available for them in Children's Ministry. For more information about Children’s Ministry please contact the church office.

We are also aware that there are some in the congregation that may need to refrain from attending for health or other reasons. We want to honor that as well, and our online livestreaming of services will continue.

re-start Protocols

Pre-Gathering Preparation:


+ Register people for Sundays to ensure not going over attendance regulations

+ Preliminary Email & Sign-up Form– Create a database with protocol and plan.

            Number of people in family

           Are you a part of a care group?

           List each individual person from your group with contact.

           Do you plan to attend regularly?

Ask the important questions in the forms.

Encourage those with symptoms (incl. seasonal allergies?) to stay home

                 -instructions for Seniors?

+ Publish on website how we will be doing gatherings

+ Keep groups the same as possible


+ Remove hymnals, pens, etc

+ No printed publications made available

+ Prepare one-way movements – entering and exiting, including doors. (Doors propped open at proper times)

+ Seating plan prepared and visible – Pre- arranged seating based on data base responses

            Place physical markers to signify no sitting.

+ Offering station at entrance and exit

+ Masks required for singing (for borrowed masks have a drop off station for return)

            Ushers/Greeters wear masks

+ Signage to remind people of protocols

+ Sanitizer available throughout building – at entrance/exit

+ Bring Your Own Bible, Bring Your Own Crayons (children’s colouring pages will not be available)

+ Coffee served, individual creamers and sugars.


Sunday Gathering:


  •       Prop entry doors open

  •       Open windows for proper ventilation

  •       Attendance – record kept for 30 days after date of gathering. Max Size of gathering is 50 people by CDC regulations.

  •       Greeters to wear masks.

  •       Preliminary questions asked at the door

    • 1. How are you feeling? Have you have any symptoms in the last 10 days? Have you been diagnosed with C19? Have you been around anyone with C19?

  •       Assign seating to maintain 6ft social distancing – people will be helped by ushers to find seats

  •       Reminders of masks for singing, social distancing, etc.

  •       Sanitizer stations available, to be used at entrance and exit.


  • Sanitize bathrooms midway through service (every 30 mins)

  • Make sure people are appropriately following protocol

  • Wear masks during singing portion of service


  • Prop open doors for exiting, close entry doors

  • People will be asked to exit building when service ends and congregate outside if desired.

  • Wipe down all high touch surfaces – Pews, Doors handles, bathrooms, giving stations, sanitizing stations.

  • Gather any masks that were borrowed and set aside for washing.

  • Open doors and windows for ventilation of the building.



 (Touchless is key)

Food?: Can be served as long as it is not buffet style, have designated servers with gloves and masks, no food, or condiments may be touched by anyone but designated servers. Only the portion of food being served to the individual receiving will be exposed to the person being served. Food safe protocols are to be observed.

Washrooms?: 1 person at a time in washrooms, to be sanitized every 30 mins as long as gathering is happening

Singing?: Indoors: 12 ft social distancing without any masks, 6ft Social distancing with masks on.

               Outdoors: 6ft social distancing with no masks required.

Should I stay or Should I go?: If you are experiencing any kinds of symptoms of illness (i.e. fever, coughing, sneezing, feeling ill) we request that you do not attend gatherings. If you begin to display symptoms while at a gathering you may be asked to leave or be asked to not enter gathering. Every time a person comes to a gathering they will be asked a set list of questions about symptoms that if they answer in the affirmative they will be asked to not enter the gathering as a cautionary measure to prevent transmission.

Offering?: There will be a station available for in-person giving. A box with “untouched pens” available to fill out an offering envelope. We will ask people to take some envelopes home if needed to have them pre-filled out for next time they attend a gathering.

Communion?: Communion will be served in the same manner as food. Juice and bread will all be served in a communion style disposable cup. The cups will be placed in the cup holders in the pew and afterwards one of servers will be responsible to gather all the cups and dispose of them.


Small groups: Will be required to abide by the same protocols in regards to attendance, bathroom sanitizing, singing, preliminary questions, and wiping down any high touched surfaces after meeting. If meeting outside no sanitizing will be required.

Outside groups: Will be required to follow all same protocols as our Sunday meetings.

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