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    This Weekend

    10:30 am Sunday 
    Join us as we gather to worship our great God together!  Mark Tubbs continues in the candidating process this weekend for the position of Pastor of Worship Arts and Community Life. Pastor Reg will be speaking on "Beautiful People Share" as we explore the vision of Greendale MB.

    Sunday Children Ministries info can be found here

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    We're hiring!
    - We are seeking a Pastor of Worship Arts and Community Life.
    - Sonshine Place Preschool is looking for a qualified Preschool Teacher.
    More information on these and other opportunities can be found here.

    Want to know about other ministries or be a part of what's going on at Greendale MB? Check out our ministries pages.

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    Listen to recent Sunday messages.


    To listen to a recording of Mark Tubbs' testimony, click here.

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Greendale News

Finding a Home

A home is a place of relationship not just a space. It is where we find acceptance and security to be ourselves. more