The Children’s Ministry of Greendale MB Church exists to help children, from nursery to sixth grade to glorify God and grow to their full potential in Christ by partnering with parents by Knowing, Inspiring, Developing, and Serving. Jesus elevated the status of children in His ministry as no other teacher or spiritual leader had ever done before. He held them, blessed them, commended them and even condemned those who caused them harm. If Jesus had such a high view of children, shouldn’t we?

Please note that in following health recommendations and to protect the health of our children and families during the pandemic, regular Children's Ministry is not currently available. More information will be coming as church opening protocols are developed. 


Little Lambs Nursery - (newborn - ~ 18 months) Our AMAZING Nursery staff is committed to providing a safe, loving, and Christ centered atmosphere for your child to enjoy.

The Wild Kingdom - (18 months – 2 years) The Toddler Room is a launching pad for nurturing the faith of the next
generation. The curriculum is an integral beginning – a place of prayer where young children hear foundational Bible stories, learn simple truth statements, and begin to memorize scripture.


Little Wonders - Preschoolers (3 – 4 year olds) Through the curriculum, little children can see and know the greatness of God by blending our own hearts of faith and affection for God with the powerful stories of
our great God of the Old Testament and the testimony of the character and acts of Jesus.​

Sprouts - Kindergarten & Grade 1 (5 – 6 year olds) This group goes directly to their classroom and they are picked-up from their classroom. Located in the blue room directly beneath the sanctuary.


R.O.C.K. Kids - Children in Grade 2 & 3 begin their lessons with a worship time in the gym but will be picked-up afterward from their classroom. Located downstairs across from The Wild Kingdom room and next to the Small Wonders Preschool classroom.

Extreme Kids - Children in Grade 4 & 5 begin their lessons with a worship time in the gym but will be picked-up from their classroom. Located between the Sprouts classroom and the downstairs kitchen.


Registration Form


Nursery - Open 5 minutes before the service until the end. (10:25 - 12)

Dismissal - The children will be dismissed approximately 20 minutes after the service begins.​


Drop-off and Release - The safety of all children is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we have guidelines in the Children’s Ministry with regards to Drop-off and Pick-up. When you first arrive at GMB stop at the Children’s Ministry Desk to sign-in your child(ren). Children will be dismissed part way through the service to their different  areas to worship Jesus in their own unique way. Children from 1 ½ to Grade 1 must be accompanied to their classrooms. Grade 2 to Grade 5 will go to the gym for a time of worship before they go to their classrooms. If they have already been signed in they may go on their own. If they have not been signed-in previously a parent will need to accompany them to sign them in.

Note - If you sign your child into a classroom and then they decide they do not want to go a parent MUST go and let one of the Teacher’s in the classroom know they will not be participating.


Volunteer Applications - If you are interested in getting involved with teaching or helping, please download the applicable form (adult / youth) and drop it by the Kids Desk (Sundays) or to Patti at the office during the week.

Child Dedications  - If you are interested in having your child dedicated at an upcoming service please download the form and email it to Cherith

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