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Welcome to Sonshine Place Preschool here at Greendale MB Church in Chilliwack, BC.  As an integral part of GMB Church, the preschool emphasizes Christian principles and teachings as children interact and engage in activities centered on living and learning. Our focus is to provide children with age appropriate opportunities for spiritual, emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth. Children will grow through play, stories, learning centers, Bible lessons, music, and arts and crafts.


The curriculum is a combination of free play and group activities guided by a qualified Teacher and Teaching Assistant.  Curriculum areas include art, music and movement, gross and fine motor development, socialization, language development, number usage, and letter and sound recognition.


The program includes Bible stories and songs.  Christian ideas are not viewed as a subject apart from our daily living, but rather as the way to live and work together.

Registration September 2023 Information:

On November 15th we opened our waitlist for the next year. Priority has been given to current students, followed by siblings, and then new families. 

On January 4th: 

- Registration packages are being emailed to the families of children who have been reserved a space for the 2023/2024 School year. The 4 year old class is FULLY RESERVED at this point.

To reserve one of the few remaining 3 year old spots, please send an email to the sonshineps email listed below - spots will be filled based on order of emails received.

January 13th:  For reserved spots, the registration fee will need to be paid and packages filled out and returned by January 13th. 

If there are any spaces after January 13th the first families on the waitlist will be notified.

Preschool Centers

Kindergarten Readiness



Questions? Contact Preschool Director Tara Tetzel, at or call the church office at 604-823-6364.


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