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Daily Schedule


Four Year Old Schedule: (The three year old class does not have Kindertime)

8:25 am - Doors Open

  • Please ensure that your child has used the washroom before class starts

  • Hang up coat and backpack

  • Notify the teachers if someone other than you will be dropping off or picking up your child

  • Limit visiting to the hallway and keep your younger children with you

  • Children can go to any of the centers to play while everyone arrives


8:30 – 9:30 am – Free Play & Art

  • Children will be called to the art table where one teacher will work with 4-6 children at a time and the other teacher will be with the other children.

  • Our educational goals and objectives are based on the belief that children learn through play, exploration, discovery, and positive interactions with adults and other children. Our program is intentionally structured in order to give the child the opportunity to explore through play, to make choices, and to interact with other children and adults in the classroom.


9:30 – 9:35 – Clean Up Time


9:35 – 10:05 – First Circle – Theme Related

  • When circle time is called, children will come to the circle time area. Here we will focus and learn about our theme using songs, fingerplays, stories, pictures and drama.

  • We will also do the calendar, learn about colors, numbers, shapes, and for the four-year-old children we will also learn letter recognition and sounds.


10:05 – 10:20 – Kindertime

  • Sonshine Place Preschool incorporates concepts from the “Fun Family Phonics Program” with the four-year old students.  This will be taught to the children once a week during our circle time.  During Kindertime the students will work on sounds of letters as well as tracing and writing of the letters.


10:20 – 10:30 – Wash up/Bathroom Routine


10:30-10:45 – Snack time –

  • Please send a healthy snack for your child each day.  We’d prefer that juice and treats such as candy and chocolate bars stay at home.

  • Special treats will be saved for special occasions, birthdays, holidays etc.


 10:45 – 11:00 am – Second Circle – Bible Circle (“Jesus Time”)

  • Sonshine Place Preschool is a Christian Center.  We present Bible Stories each day and Bible Verses each month and pray with the children during each class. 

  • Some things we share with the children are:

  • God made the world and everything in it

  • God made you and our families and He loves us and takes care of us

  • The Bible is God’s Word and has wonderful stories that we learn about

  • Jesus is God’s Son who came to earth as a baby, died and rose again and lives in heaven, and we will see Him again

  • Jesus is our friend and loves to hear us pray and sing

  • Church is a place to sing and learn more about God


11:00 – 11:30 am – Outside Play Time!

  • Please remember to bring seasonal clothing that may be required during each of the different seasons, such as:

  • In Winter – boots, snow pants/muddy buddies, gloves, toque

  • In Spring – hat, muddy buddies, raincoat, rainboots

  • In Fall – boots, muddy buddies, gloves, warm jackets

  • In Summer (warmer days) – hat, sunscreen, water bottle

  • If the weather is really bad we will have our gross motor play time in the gym


11:30 am – Pick up time!



3 days / week - $140/month (4 year old class, Mon., Wed., Fri.)

2 days / week - $120/month (3 year old class, Tues., Thurs.)


Hours of Care:

8:30 am – 11:30 am


Registration Fee (non-refundable):

            There is a $50/child Registration Fee due at the time of Registration (if your child is guaranteed a spot in a class)


Registration Form.


Monthly tuition fees are to be paid via Pre-authorized Debit and are due on the first of the month.  If different arrangements need to be made, please speak with the Preschool Director – Tara Tetzel –  

Or call 604 823-6364


Pre-Authorized Debit Form



PLEASE NOTE:  One month written notice is required to withdraw. If less than a month is given, you will forfeit the next month’s tuition.


Subsidy Qualification

To see if you qualify for subsidy please visit -


If your family qualifies for subsidy you will need to fill in your portion of the form and then there is a portion for us to fill in. Until you have been accepted and the amount that you are to receive is decided, payment for monthly fees will be required, but will be reimbursed once the paperwork goes through. 



We are working, playing, and discovering in our own way in learning centers each day!!


Children are naturally curious; therefore, experiences that allow them to touch, hear, see, taste, and smell help children realize their full potential.  The room is organized so that the children may comfortably and freely move through the various centers of the room at their will. They have the opportunity to explore and experience at their own pace and level of interest.


  • Blocks:  In the block center, children are developing math concepts and motor skills.  They are also learning how to share and work with friends.


  • Manipulatives:  Playing with puzzles and manipulative materials, children are developing eye-hand coordination and learning to complete tasks.


  • Library:  In the library, children are learning to love books and practice reading skills.


  • Music:  As children play instruments and sing, they express themselves and develop listening and language skills. Music just makes everyone feel good!!


  • Art:  The art center gives children the opportunity to develop their creativity and express themselves. As they experiment and have fun, they are also developing social skills and small muscles.


  • Dramatic Play:  When children pretend and dress-up, they learn how to be a mommy, daddy, doctor, teacher, or police officer. Dramatic play also fosters language and social skills.


  • Outdoor Play:  On the playground, preschoolers are releasing energy, developing strength, coordination, and a healthy body. Children love playing outside with friends!


  • Science:  Preschoolers observe, experiment, predict, and discover new things in the science area – just like real scientists!!


  • Math:  The Math Center develops problem-solving skills and gives hands-on experience in counting, comparing, patterning, and measuring.


  • Writing:  The Writing Center has lots of interesting materials to learn how to write stories, letters, books and more!





  • To directions without interrupting

  • To stories and poems for 10 to 15 minutes without restlessness



  • Words that rhyme

  • Words that begin with the same sound or different sounds



  • Likenesses and difference in pictures and designs

  • Letters and words that match



  • The relationship inherent in such words as up and down, top and bottom, little and big

  • The Classifications of words that represent people, places, and things



  • Stay on topic in class discussions

  • Retell a story or poem in correct sequence

  • Tell a story or relate an experience of his/her own



  • Give the main idea of a story

  • Give unique ideas and important details

  • Give reasons for his/her opinions



  • To changes in routine and to new situations without becoming fearful

  • To opposition or defeat without crying or sulking

  • To the necessity of asking for help when needed



  • Cooperatively with other children

  • Shares, takes turns, and assumes his share of group responsibility

  • Runs, jumps, skips, and bounces a ball with comparative dexterity



  • Without being easily distracted

  • Follows directions

  • Completes each task

  • Takes pride in his/her work




What Are Social Skills and Why Are They Important?

Social skills include: interacting and communication with others using words, nonverbal communication (body language), manners, learning to share, wait your turn, and listen. These skills are important for school and life readiness.


Does My Family Have To Be Christian For My Child To Attend Sonshine Place Preschool?

No, we welcome all families; however, we are a Christ-centered program that shares the love and teaching of Jesus Christ throughout the day as we guide, teach, and reflect the attitude of God.


How Does Sonshine Place Preschool Prepare My Child for Elementary School?

Sonshine Place Preschool uses hands on learning, teaching/practicing self-control, promotes independence and self-reliance skills, and age appropriate academics.


What Is Age Appropriate Practices?

The practice of meeting young children where they are by development stage, both as individuals and as a part of a group.  Teachers help each child meet challenging and achievable learning goals.


Why Is Play Important?

Play fosters creativity, imagination, and socialization, allows children to make sense of their world, builds confidence, and provides children with ‘ah-ha’ moments.


What Is Theme Based Learning?

Theme based learning expands upon teaching and discovering various weekly or daily subjects such as: seasons, shapes, senses, community helpers, insects and farm animals.


What Are Fine Motor Skills?

Working small muscle movements such as: cutting, lacing, coloring, eating, and more!


What Happens During Center Time?

Teachers use this as a time to break down in small groups to allow children to explore and express themselves.  For example, dramatic play, reading, art, blocks etc.


What Is Jesus Time?

Jesus time is an introduction to prayer, scripture, and the love of Jesus.

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